Belarms provides from China key construction and industrial support services from development to completion. Together with our local Chinese partners we provide manufacturing and supply support, as well as design and implemention of construction projects for government, industrial and residential projects.

Construction Engineering

From our base in Qingdao China we can assist in construction planning and project implementation. As we partner with Chinese State enterprises no project is too large. However, Belarms is better able to maintain a construction presence to ensure adequate completion and provision of necessary long term maintenance, areas in which many Chinese firms have failings.
Our range of construction services extends to:
    - Public Construction
    - Industrial Construction including production line installation
    - Estate Construction - single or multi-storey housing
For details please refer to the appropriate webpage.

Residential Construction

Belarms can undertake large scale residential construction projects, providing project finance to government low-cost housing and railway related residential construction.

Railway Infrastructure

Together with our Chinese joint venture partners Belarms can provide infrastruction design and construction for: track laying, electrification, civil engineering works, locomotive and carriage supply to support your needs.
Project funding can be provided:
    1. On a construction stage basis for payment.
    2. On a build-operate-transfer (BOT)basis, typically for a period of 15 to 30 years.
Performance bond posted by Belarms prior to commencement of projects is a contract norm.


Belarms is committed to the development of solar energy as a product for public buildings, industrial and residential needs. We provide three categories of solar products:
    1. Solar Panel Electricity Generation Systems.
    2. Solar Panel stand-alone lighting sysytems - street lampposts.
    3. Solar hotwater systems - normally roof mounted units.
Our electricity generation systems can provide ample electricity for a home or small business.